2001 Region III
Class 5 Junior Development Team
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Congratulations to the top 12 finishers in the Class 5 10,11 age group.  This group of fine gymnasts are designated as the 2001 Region III Class 5 Junior Development Team. Region III will be sponsoring a 4 day camp for these gymnasts this summer.   Tentatively, the camp will be held at the Texas Sports Ranch in Crosby, Texas (near Houston) from Thursday, July 13 till Sunday, July 16.  It will be each gymnast's responsibility to provide his own transportation to and from the camp.  Everything else will be provided for the gymnast at the region's expense.  This will be the eighth year that Region III has prepared a camp for its outstanding young gymnasts.

Members of the Class 5 Development Team

Tyler Mizoguchi, Josh Dilworth, Nicholas Jones, Andrew Faulk, Chris Clark, James Churchill, Chris Zickel, Blake Lindsay, Benjamine Mayer, Sean Leoni, Stanley Strecker and Jeff Darlington.